Ancient Mariner Large Rustic Stool

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Our Tree Root Large Rustic Stool is wonderfully rustic. You can just picture this as a functional piece of furniture to rest weary legs in a village or in a barn. So while its been crafted by craftsmen, it still has a raw beauty. Its made from the tree root of the teak tree. While some people might like nothing more than for all tree roots to be the same, we celebrate their individuality. It means of course that the exact dimensions of this stool may vary slightly.

Where would you have it in your home? Its great as a stool for a kitchen table, a spare seat for a dining table; or how about as a place to sit down by your front door when you either put on your shoes or boots when going out or pop on your slippers when you get home.


Height 39cm
Width 69cm
Depth 35cm
Gap Height 37cm
Gap Width 48cm
Gap Depth 35cm
Seat Height 40cm
Seat Width 70cm
Seat Depth 25cm
Leg Height 37cm
Leg Width 7cm
Leg Depth 4cm


Materials - Teak

Colour - Teak

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