Ancient Mariner Lundy Chair

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Our Cromarty Lundy Chair is full of luxury designer styling so it looks effortlessly relaxing. Just look at the silhouette: it dips down at the back inviting you to take the weight off your feet. Then every detail has been considered: it's padded on the back on the gently splayed arms and it has extra cushioning on the seat.

Plus, it's so plush. It doesn't have just any fabric. It's covered in luxurious velvet that feels so soft when you run your fingers through it. Have it in your lounge, your bedroom or your home office. Just make sure you have it.

Put on the legs and take off some cost. That's right: we save you money by getting you to do a bit of leg work. Attaching the legs is really easy and you help yourself to a saving. Because it costs us less to store and transport it this way which means you get a lower price when you put your feet up.



Height 97cm
Width 70cm
Depth 78cm
Seat Height 46cm
Seat Width 47cm
Seat Depth 52cm
Back Height 54cm
Arm Height 63cm
Arm Width 8cm
Arm Depth 48cm
Leg Height 30cm
Leg Width 5cm
Leg Depth 5cm


Materials - Velvet,

Colour - Floral

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